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Commercial establishments, nonprofits, churches, schools, and other spaces where people gather have a duty to consider their security and safety. Grove has partnered with Kingswood Security Consulting to provide critical insight and help you develop proactive strategies to fortify and protect soft target environments.


Simon Osamoh is the President and Founder of Kingswood Security Consulting. A renowned security expert, he initially moved to the United States from England to lead the counterterrorism efforts at Mall of America, Minnesota, where he managed the internationally recognized behavior threat assessment team. His expertise in soft target security garnered national media attention.

With 14 years of experience as a detective in England, Simon worked on serious and organized crime cases, including collaborating with British Security Services during the 2006 "liquid bomb terrorism plot" investigation, which resulted in global changes to aviation security regulations.

As a former Director of Risk and Compliance, Simon has worked for three of America's largest financial institutions: Wells Fargo, US Bank, and Equiniti Trust Company. He oversaw programs such as risk management, business continuity, crisis management, anti-bribery and corruption, regulatory compliance, testing programs, and third-party risk.

Simon has authored two bestselling books on conflict de-escalation and church security, and his work on conversational interviewing is featured in the award-winning book How to Stop a Mass Shooting Epidemic by Dr. James Densley and Dr. Jillian Peterson.

Contributing as a writer for Worship Facility publication and serving on the security editorial advisory board, Simon is also a former Vice President of the FBI Minneapolis Citizens Academy Alumni Association and former program chair of InfraGard Minnesota. In his spare time, he serves on the Board of Directors for Fathers for The Fatherless.

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